Cloud services provided by Protech LLC of the Carolinas


Data Security

Cloud secures the confidential and sensitive information for business. Data is protected at both the time, during transmission and when it is stable. The cloud data is backed up to multiple servers, so if any one of the server crashes, then the data is safe in other servers



In the Online Cloud Storage service, there is no need to predict how much storage space will be needed, this can be adjusted with the resource available through cloud storage service provider and business only has to pay on its current needs.

Cloud storage also has the ability to add more capacity, improve performance and achieve objective whenever new node is added to the cloud.



Online Cloud Storage service allows multiple people to edit and work on the single file and document. Due to this facility, there is no need to track the latest version or see who has made what changes.




Online Cloud Storage Service makes the process of backing up data easy through automation. The user needs to just select what and when he/she needs the back-up and the service does the rest of the work.



 With the increasing number of devices used today, Cloud storage service is accessible from tablets, smartphones, netbooks and desktop. The user can access account from any internet connection such as mobile browser or the desktop system at the workplace. 


Cloud storage also provides Multi-tenancy in which the single instance of software application serves multiple customers or clients. These customers can make changes in some part of the software application such as the colour of the User Interface (UI). But they cannot customize or make any changes in the codes.

Multi-tenancy applies to all the three layers of cloud: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Disaster Recovery

 Cloud storage also facilitates Disaster Recovery. Cloud storage always have an emergency backup plan ready for business as it provides a second copy of important files. These files are saved and stored at the remote location and are accessible anywhere and anytime with help of an internet connection



This ensures that the data and files saved are updated automatically across all the devices. So, the latest version of file saved on the desktop is available on the smartphone.